Our Story

The Western Cycle Supply story is a tale of chance, opportunity, and passion.


This story begins in 2004, I was just a boy (still in high school). That year I decided it was time I get a job, like all the other kids in the area I applied at the usual fast food joints and department stores, I didn’t have much luck. Then one day I see an ad in the newspaper, “parts picker wanted, motorcycle company”. I said to myself, I don’t know Jack about motorcycles, but I am going to give it a shot, because it sounds way more awesome than flipping burgers. I was up against three or four other kids who wanted the same sweet summer job, it kind of surprised me when I got the call. I found out years later I was chosen because I came highly recommended by a school counselor. That dude had no clue about the life path he started me down; but I sure am glad he did!


It turns out the motorcycle company running the newspaper ad had been the U.S. distributor for Royal Enfield since 1999 and would hold that title until 2015. Whoa…who’da thunk it? A U.S. distributor hidden away in a small Minnesota town, most people that lived there didn’t even know it existed.

We were a small company with the monster task of selling and supporting the Royal Enfield in America. Needless to say, I saw action immediately. The first 6 months was one of the most exciting slash terrifying times of my life. I was a 17-year-old kid fielding sales and technical calls, processing 50 thousand-piece incoming shipments, test fitting parts, and who could forget.... taking out the trash. I can honestly say the skills I learned during that first year have stayed with me to this day. I don’t know if it was out of sheer desperation or if the owner saw something in me. Either way, he did give me a long leash and a lot of opportunities to succeed. He could have easily stuck me in the backroom filing invoices all summer, but he didn’t. And because of that I was able to become a master of my craft.


As the years rolled on I began to realize the people I was talking to everyday didn’t own Royal Enfield motorcycles just because they were neat, or something they could afford. They own them because they are passionate about the brand. Their passion was contagious, I decided it would be my mission to help everyone to the best of my ability. Sometimes that meant staying after-hours to return 15 voicemails but I was happy to do it because I felt as though Royal Enfield was my brand and it was my duty to help the loyal Royal Enfield enthusiasts. My feelings of pride were only magnified when I started riding a Bullet of my own. I experienced firsthand the pure joy that is being part of the Royal Enfield family.

Western Cycle Supply (WCS) was born out of that passion and sense of duty. Even after I left my position within the brand I could never stop being that guy that cared about Royal Enfield and wanted help his bothers and sisters keep their Bullets on the road. After doing it for over a decade it’s a part of my psyche. This store is my way of keeping the Royal Enfield family together. If you have any questions give me a call, it’s what I live for!

Your Bullet Brother-