Booster Plug BMW R1250RT (2018-2020)

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Product Overview

The new shift-cam engine is a massive upgrade for the BMW boxer and it was necessary to make the engine cope with the extremely air/fuel mixture requirements. Unfortunately the advanced camshaft technology it is not the solution to all problems. The lean mixture makes the combustion temperature higher, and especially the thermally stressed exhaust valves are having a hard life on the lean mixture. Another issue with the lean air/fuel ratio is the weak idle and the poor low speed throttle control, and this makes your expensive premium bike less than perfect to ride.
The BoosterPlug tuning module have been extremely popular with BMW R1200 owner’s for many years, because it is an easy and reliable way to fix the common issues, and despite the advanced technology in the new R1250 engine, there is no substitute for having the best possible air/fuel ratio. So your R1250 boxer still need the small controlled fuel enrichment from the BoosterPlug to perform the best it can.

A true plug and play solution that will make your bike so much better:
- Much better and softer throttle response
- Better acceleration
- No more low speed surging
- Powerful idle and no more stalling
- Reduced popping in your aftermarket exhaust


(No reviews yet) Write a Review