Booster Plug BMW R1200C

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Product Overview

No wonder that the BMW R1200 boxers are so popular: They’re strong, reliable, and have plenty of power for all kind of real life use. But unfortunately the R1200 engine shares the same low-end fueling issues that haunt all modern fuel injected bikes. So the fuel injection requires a little tuning to perform the best they can. The BoosterPlug is extremely popular with BMW R1200 owner’s world-wide, because it provides a tremendous improvement to the feel and the low speed handling of the bike.

Installation couldn't be easier - The BoosterPlug comes with the correct connectors to let you plug it in to the bikes wire harness. No further modifications required, no programming, no problems !

A true plug and play solution that will make your bike so much better:
- Much better and softer throttle response
- Better acceleration
- No more low speed surging
- Powerful idle and no more stalling
- Reduced popping in your aftermarket exhaust


(No reviews yet) Write a Review